Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Who am I ?


Allright, it's time to post something in English, otherwise my English will get rusted. Before starting this post i would like to apologise that, my grammar is not perfect and I am not good at literature so don't expect something fancy.

Well, let me introduce myself. I am a 23 years old freshly graduated Civil Engineer (2014 spring), whose passion (obsession) is to become a pilot.

I am not going to talk about how flying was my dream etc. because i know it is almost every boy's dream. My first experience with flight training was Air Force Academy selections. How did it go ?
I sucked....
My preparations were pretty insane, i signed up a gym to get prepared. And for reflex test; I knew I had the talent due to counter strike :p.
Funny thing was, they didn't even let me run, I have eliminated during pre-medical check and ironically i only get that when they leaded us to the main exit.

The only reason I wen't to University was my parents promise. They said "Son, don't fuck around prove yourself that you are smart, graduate from an respectful University then, we might consider to support your flight training"

They thought, after 5 years like every teenagers's passion this will go away, however it got even more strong.

I admit that, first 2 years of University i enjoyed life and parties, but things started to get serious when I started to ask myself the question "What would you like to do during rest of your life. My answer was straight forward, i will do something i enjoy. That time it hit me. I told to myself I should become a Pilot!

That was beginning of my adventure.

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  1. Your english isn't rusty its good,i read all those lines and congrats.Some people would let this '5 years teenager passion' because they'ld find something more attractive in this 5 year.Belive is the %50 of success.I hope your dreams come true mate :)