Tuesday, November 11, 2014

a Journey to Frankfurt


Frankfurt always has been a sacred place for pilots. It is one of the biggest hub in Europe. It is also base of several airlines. Frankfurt is also a sacred place for me, but in a different way.

Its been almost 3.5 years since i left Frankfurt, it was the place i learned German from scratch. I made many bonds with lots of people, and last weekend i discovered that the bonds we made are still strong. In language school everyone had a goal and now they reached their goals, nevertheless people who were friends in there are still close.

What is so special about Frankfurt ?

Well, first of all it is the first place i've been abroad. Also it is the place i improved my English. ( bit funny though I wanted to learn German )

Actually Frankfurt is more than that, its Apfelwein, pretzels, grüne soße are really unique, however my personal favourite is Frankfurter the best sausage eva ! View of skyline is also really nice ( well don't compare it with New York )

Good thing about this journey that, I drove all the way from Maastricht to Frankfurt and did almost 700km on weekend.

It was nice to speak some German, plus i took some photos that i think they are really nice.

For now, i don't have any lecture until next tuesday.

And I already finished the lectures, Principles of Flight and Performance.

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Mycelia Shopping Mall 
Commerzbank Tower

Main River 
Main River and Dom

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