Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How did I get here ?


You know what they say, the way to the success is never easy.

2 years before my graduation I was already searching the best way to become a pilot. There were not many options. Either i would pay around 100k $ or manage to get in one of the Airline's cadet pilot program.

Choice was easy, neither me or my family had that money; in fact i was barely making money to support myself. So I had to get ready for hard exams for ab-inito program.

First goal was to get a TOEFL, It is not easy in many ways, even though my English was slang I got a really high score just by solving 4 sample exams. ( I can give you tips about it ).

Secondly, i had to graduate. Well that was easy, i was on my last semester, my graduation project was good no problem right ? NO ! All of a sudden i learned that ( 1 day before TOEFL ) I've failed a 0.5 ETCS course which is only available on Spring semester. It was a Jackass Professor who thinks playing with students career is fun. Whatever... somehow I managed to pass it on make-up exams.

V1, rotate.... positive rate; gear up. Not that easy.

There was 2 options on ab-initio program. I chose MPL one, selection procedures were faster and training was definitely in Europe plus; with the B737 type rating all training takes around 18 months.

Now selections...

1- I had a talent test. We can call it an IQ test also. You have to be sharp, fast and smart but its not a big deal.

2- If you succeed 1st step, you get a manual about C172, how to climb how to turn, instruments scan cycles, correct power settings etc. then you get an exam about that book. If you pass the exam the fun part begins. Simulator, many of the candidates are fail there ( about 50% ) you have to fly about 1 hour, first 30 mins you have instructor with you, always correcting and showing the proper way. But in second 30 mins you are on your own. Don't crush and hope that you obey every word he said on first attempt.

3- Congratulations, you have passed simulator, now you have an interview with flight-school. They saw that you are trainable on simulator but how is your personality ? But think this one a preparation for the Company interview. If you pass this they will give you a feedback, try to correct yourself until next one.

4- I feel a great disturbance in the Force, because it was the hardest interview I've ever been. It took me almost 1,5 hours. Not kidding. I don't exactly know what they want, they know who you are  if you have a weakness they will find it and they will kill it. Try to be positive until the end.

Okay thats all for now.

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Success !

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